How to deal with social services?

So, we have not been shy with sharing our social services story. Check here for our YouTube vlog on our story. I feel it’s important that not everyone is afraid of social services. Sadly there is occasions that I know of children either in foster care or close to being in foster care. This includesContinue reading “How to deal with social services?”

What is positive about homeschooling/home education in the UK?

When people think about homeschooling they often straight away mention all the negatives. There is really not many negatives. In our home we really enjoy homeschooling and it suits us all. 1. Trips out We love going out on trips, when we go to a play ground or a museum. These can be a lotContinue reading “What is positive about homeschooling/home education in the UK?”

Aldi’s educational products!

As we all know Aldi has some of the best bargains around! When they got educational products with in their store, for a homeschooling mum that was exciting. But did they live up to the more expensive products? So the first of the products we used was Bella’s easy Maths! This was fantastic, worded brilliantlyContinue reading “Aldi’s educational products!”

How to get alone time when a homeschooling mum!

Well as we know motherhood is hard, imagine how hard it is for a homeschooling mum. Our children do not leave our sides other than when they go to their social events. Yet this is the most amazing thing is you see everything your child does. Imagine your child having a rough day you’ve forcedContinue reading “How to get alone time when a homeschooling mum!”