What comes in the weekend box club’s subscription box?

We have had an amazing box sent to us for the girls to try. We had so much fun with it, even though we had the activity book with amazing instructions. Bella decided to run in her own, which shows her uniqueness. Jasmin loved following the instructions with amazing results. Check out our YouTube videoContinue reading “What comes in the weekend box club’s subscription box?”

Easier to blame the parent.

Your dropping your child off at school and you see a school refuser! Instead of helping that mum you say to your friend “maybe she needs to discipline her child better”. That mum has heard that comment carry’s on trying to get her child into school. She manages this why she is close to herContinue reading “Easier to blame the parent.”

Keeping up an appearance

Hope you haven’t click thinking this is about the old TV show! If, you have continue to read but that is not where it’s going. As a mum of 3 beautiful daughters, one of the first things we learn is how to keep up an appearance. People most likely think I mean pretending everything isContinue reading “Keeping up an appearance”

Anxiety and school

Since Jennifer was little she has had anxiety. I have been asked by a very good friend to place into words our story about Jennifer. At the moment this friend has a child with similar anxiety issues. From a young age, Jennifer was poorly when she was around 4 this illness got worse. We startedContinue reading “Anxiety and school”

Emotions are real

One thing I’ve noticed is the government forcing many sectors to do marketing on mental health.  During my time working within the government influenced businesses mental health is not important.  This has been felt by myself on a personal level, as well as a business level. On a personal level I have sat there whilstContinue reading “Emotions are real”