Cooking pancakes with Love at Home Education.

This was provided to us free to review! I love cooking as you all know, so it makes it amazing to find a curriculum that shares this enjoyment for us all to do together. If you saw my last post Cooking scrambled egg you would of seen that our girls are at different stages. EvenContinue reading “Cooking pancakes with Love at Home Education.”

Cooking scrambled eggs using Love at Home Education

I’m a big believer that everything we do can be counted as home education. Here in the UK we do not have to follow a curriculum. This makes these so much more fun, to see how great curriculums like Love at Home Education are. There are many different activities to do with Love at HomeContinue reading “Cooking scrambled eggs using Love at Home Education”

Aldi’s educational products!

As we all know Aldi has some of the best bargains around! When they got educational products with in their store, for a homeschooling mum that was exciting. But did they live up to the more expensive products? So the first of the products we used was Bella’s easy Maths! This was fantastic, worded brilliantlyContinue reading “Aldi’s educational products!”

Easier to blame the parent.

Your dropping your child off at school and you see a school refuser! Instead of helping that mum you say to your friend “maybe she needs to discipline her child better”. That mum has heard that comment carry’s on trying to get her child into school. She manages this why she is close to herContinue reading “Easier to blame the parent.”

Anxiety and school

Since Jennifer was little she has had anxiety. I have been asked by a very good friend to place into words our story about Jennifer. At the moment this friend has a child with similar anxiety issues. From a young age, Jennifer was poorly when she was around 4 this illness got worse. We startedContinue reading “Anxiety and school”