Separation anxiety is not just for children!

As you can tell by the title, I’ve been looking deeply at myself just lately. To be honest since this started and I’m slowly changing things about myself, the happiness has been rising. After reading another blog, sadly I cannot remember who wrote this amazing blog. It made me look deeply at why our girlsContinue reading “Separation anxiety is not just for children!”

How home educated children are treated different to public school children?

Since home educating our girls and deciding they will not be returning to school, I have noticed how they are discriminated against. Yes, I used the term discriminate, because sadly they are. This is when we go out and about, or even family and friends. The first way is people believe as a parent weContinue reading “How home educated children are treated different to public school children?”

Painful memories

I’m sure anyone reading this has painful memories. What they may find like myself, it’s the happiest ones that hurt the most. Yet some people just don’t understand how happy memories can hurt, let me explain. For whatever reasons our memories start from about 3 years old, yet most still aren’t sure which period ofContinue reading “Painful memories”

Cambridge Museums

If you follow us on YouTube, a couple of weeks ago we went to Cambridge to visit some museums. None of us realised just how many museums Cambridge had, but we visited only 3 of them. The first one we visited was Sedgwick museum, this was extremely interesting. First walking in the girls got soContinue reading “Cambridge Museums”

Is technology taking over our children?

As I sit here 2 girls sit on their laptops and 1 is sitting on her phone. Husband is extremely anti technology, where as myself I love it. Yes, technology sadly has opened doors for many disgusting people. As well as people that enjoy to see people in misery, when they are enjoying their selves.Continue reading “Is technology taking over our children?”