Cooking scrambled eggs using Love at Home Education

I’m a big believer that everything we do can be counted as home education. Here in the UK we do not have to follow a curriculum. This makes these so much more fun, to see how great curriculums like Love at Home Education are. There are many different activities to do with Love at HomeContinue reading “Cooking scrambled eggs using Love at Home Education”

Get more for your money

So today whilst shopping in Aldi again I was complimented on how much I managed to buy for £76. My trolley was again nearly over flowing, and this was a new for me as well. The strange thing was before shopping with one of my homeschoolers and giving her a budget I never thought ofContinue reading “Get more for your money”

Overweight at a Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park

Hi CrazyFam, Over the school holidays we went away to Great Yarmouth, we stayed at Cherry Tree holiday camp. This we have done many times throughout my life, let alone our girls. I love theme parks and I am extremely excited every time we go. I have always been on the larger size, but justContinue reading “Overweight at a Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park”

Preparing for Halloween

This post includes Affiliate links* An important part of being a parent is preparing for Halloween. In the Crazy Carney household, we love Halloween. The hardest part is Bella’s nut allergy as most houses pass out nut sweets*. What are your tips for a teal child? Throughout the years we have had many different costumes.Continue reading “Preparing for Halloween”