Cambridge Museums

If you follow us on YouTube, a couple of weeks ago we went to Cambridge to visit some museums. None of us realised just how many museums Cambridge had, but we visited only 3 of them. The first one we visited was Sedgwick museum, this was extremely interesting. First walking in the girls got soContinue reading “Cambridge Museums”

Lasting relationships

One of the things that surprise people, even doctors, is that Anth and I have been together 14 years, 15 very soon. But one of the saddest things I can remember is the shock on a midwife’s face when I answered the question “do all your children have the same Dad?” With me looking atContinue reading “Lasting relationships”

Aldi’s educational products!

As we all know Aldi has some of the best bargains around! When they got educational products with in their store, for a homeschooling mum that was exciting. But did they live up to the more expensive products? So the first of the products we used was Bella’s easy Maths! This was fantastic, worded brilliantlyContinue reading “Aldi’s educational products!”

What comes in the weekend box club’s subscription box?

We have had an amazing box sent to us for the girls to try. We had so much fun with it, even though we had the activity book with amazing instructions. Bella decided to run in her own, which shows her uniqueness. Jasmin loved following the instructions with amazing results. Check out our YouTube videoContinue reading “What comes in the weekend box club’s subscription box?”

Keep them there on special days!

Sadly some people know the feeling of loosing people too soon. This can be especially hard for people on their wedding day. For my wonderful husband on our wedding day, it was his father and mother. His mother died when he was just 3 months old and his father when he was 14. A coupleContinue reading “Keep them there on special days!”