Top 5 tips for children and chores

As we know it’s not easy to get our children to do chores. To be honest our girls only started once they were home educated. 1. Encourage children to tidy up behind their selves no matter where they are. So if your children have got toys out at a friend’s house, encourage them to putContinue reading “Top 5 tips for children and chores”

Is the child really a spoilt brat?!

Stood in the shop and a child is kicking off, adult is giving in to what the child requires. Eyes are rolling, “Well their making a rod for their own back” comments have started. The adult just wanting to hide in a hole, thinking why is my child always like this. There is always reasonsContinue reading “Is the child really a spoilt brat?!”

Outside gym 😱

In the last week we have been to the outside gym 2ce already. Shocking to see me at the gym, even more shocking no one seems to care! Outside gyms are becoming more popular throughout the UK. Best things about them is there is no cost in going (unless you live far away), plus youContinue reading “Outside gym 😱”

How to deal with social services?

So, we have not been shy with sharing our social services story. Check here for our YouTube vlog on our story. I feel it’s important that not everyone is afraid of social services. Sadly there is occasions that I know of children either in foster care or close to being in foster care. This includesContinue reading “How to deal with social services?”

Is technology taking over our children?

As I sit here 2 girls sit on their laptops and 1 is sitting on her phone. Husband is extremely anti technology, where as myself I love it. Yes, technology sadly has opened doors for many disgusting people. As well as people that enjoy to see people in misery, when they are enjoying their selves.Continue reading “Is technology taking over our children?”