Boudoir shoot with Maya Swan Portraits

Well, I still cannot believe I did! Size 24, I hate my swollen jelly belly, but there are a few places I love! Seeing the model call for women to do a beautiful am I, episode with Maya. My initial thought was, I cannot do that, I’m too fat and have a very strange bodyContinue reading “Boudoir shoot with Maya Swan Portraits”

Why do we have so much food waste?

There is Affiliate links* included in this blog. Today I have thrown away at least £25 worth of food! As I sit here worrying about paying our bills, sad thing is this food waste* is actually avoidable. For me I’m always waiting for the knock from Social services. As I wait for this knock IContinue reading “Why do we have so much food waste?”

How to get rid of nits/head lice?

Does your child struggle with nits / head lice?

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Being a mum with no emotional support!

One of the hardest things I have found as a mum is having no emotional support from family. My husband and friends are amazing, but due to not knowing if I am in the right or wrong I questioning myself so much. This means they have to deal with me talking to them about theContinue reading “Being a mum with no emotional support!”