Should you let your children watch Disney Princess movies?

There is Affiliate links included* in this blog. Today I read an article on how famous people are not allowing their children to watch disney movies, because it puts fake ideas in children’s minds. Sitting here with my 2 homeschoolers watching Hercules*, this made me think that are they really helpless damsels. With this thoughtContinue reading “Should you let your children watch Disney Princess movies?”

Keeping up an appearance

Hope you haven’t click thinking this is about the old TV show! If, you have continue to read but that is not where it’s going. As a mum of 3 beautiful daughters, one of the first things we learn is how to keep up an appearance. People most likely think I mean pretending everything isContinue reading “Keeping up an appearance”

Anxiety and school

Since Jennifer was little she has had anxiety. I have been asked by a very good friend to place into words our story about Jennifer. At the moment this friend has a child with similar anxiety issues. From a young age, Jennifer was poorly when she was around 4 this illness got worse. We startedContinue reading “Anxiety and school”

Homework during the holidays!

Hi CrazyFam As you all know we are on holiday this week at the fantastic Parkdean holiday camp Cherry Tree. Whilst here we plan to have an amazing family time without the pressures of home. This is already becoming an issue as Jasmin has brought her laptop and Bella has brought her list of spellings.Continue reading “Homework during the holidays!”

Emotions are real

One thing I’ve noticed is the government forcing many sectors to do marketing on mental health. ┬áDuring my time working within the government influenced businesses mental health is not important. ┬áThis has been felt by myself on a personal level, as well as a business level. On a personal level I have sat there whilstContinue reading “Emotions are real”