How to get alone time when a homeschooling mum!

Well as we know motherhood is hard, imagine how hard it is for a homeschooling mum. Our children do not leave our sides other than when they go to their social events. Yet this is the most amazing thing is you see everything your child does. Imagine your child having a rough day you’ve forcedContinue reading “How to get alone time when a homeschooling mum!”

Career mum to homeschooling mum 😱

I was a working mum of anything between 50 – 60 hours a week. With our children being looked after by a lot of other people! This made my feelings easy to ignore, that I felt I was bringing our children up wrong. Dropping Bella off in the morning tears would flow most mornings.Continue reading “Career mum to homeschooling mum 😱”

Easier to blame the parent.

Your dropping your child off at school and you see a school refuser! Instead of helping that mum you say to your friend “maybe she needs to discipline her child better”. That mum has heard that comment carry’s on trying to get her child into school. She manages this why she is close to herContinue reading “Easier to blame the parent.”