Separation anxiety is not just for children!

As you can tell by the title, I’ve been looking deeply at myself just lately. To be honest since this started and I’m slowly changing things about myself, the happiness has been rising. After reading another blog, sadly I cannot remember who wrote this amazing blog. It made me look deeply at why our girlsContinue reading “Separation anxiety is not just for children!”

Why do we have so much food waste?

There is Affiliate links* included in this blog. Today I have thrown away at least £25 worth of food! As I sit here worrying about paying our bills, sad thing is this food waste* is actually avoidable. For me I’m always waiting for the knock from Social services. As I wait for this knock IContinue reading “Why do we have so much food waste?”

Being a mum with no emotional support!

One of the hardest things I have found as a mum is having no emotional support from family. My husband and friends are amazing, but due to not knowing if I am in the right or wrong I questioning myself so much. This means they have to deal with me talking to them about theContinue reading “Being a mum with no emotional support!”

Painful memories

I’m sure anyone reading this has painful memories. What they may find like myself, it’s the happiest ones that hurt the most. Yet some people just don’t understand how happy memories can hurt, let me explain. For whatever reasons our memories start from about 3 years old, yet most still aren’t sure which period ofContinue reading “Painful memories”