5 truths about home education!

People think home education is the easy route, but sadly it’s not. A lot of parents will say how they couldn’t be with their children. For home educating parents we are with our children 24/7, but I personally would not of have it any other way. 1. The house needs cleaning at least 5 timesContinue reading “5 truths about home education!”

Top 5 tips for children and chores

As we know it’s not easy to get our children to do chores. To be honest our girls only started once they were home educated. 1. Encourage children to tidy up behind their selves no matter where they are. So if your children have got toys out at a friend’s house, encourage them to putContinue reading “Top 5 tips for children and chores”

Is the child really a spoilt brat?!

Stood in the shop and a child is kicking off, adult is giving in to what the child requires. Eyes are rolling, “Well their making a rod for their own back” comments have started. The adult just wanting to hide in a hole, thinking why is my child always like this. There is always reasonsContinue reading “Is the child really a spoilt brat?!”

Henry Hoover has come home!

Hi CrazyFam, As you may know we has a flood recently which has left a lot of our items damaged. This included our vax blade, which to be honest wasn’t really good enough for our home. The Vax blade is fantastic if you need something light weight, but if you have long hair ensure youContinue reading “Henry Hoover has come home!”