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How to get rid of nits/head lice?

Are you itching yet? I know when our girls caught nits from school which at some points could be every week, it would cause a daily battle. At the time Jasmin and Jennifer had hair just above their bums and extremely thick. This meant I had to battle getting that wonderful nit comb through their hairs! There was no tips on the internet, only random show about the newest technic and not talking to other parents as were embarrassed they may blame our child for giving them to theirs. So, our children were going through the daily hell of us going through their hair.

I am a nightmare and get obsessed with nits, somehow when I was a child with long hair like our girls there was a rare sighting in my hair of them. This is a habit, that has continued, just like my nan would when ever touching the girls hair I would look for the signs of nits.

  • Small flakes of black like dirt
  • red areas on head
  • child regularly itching
  • Eggs or nits
  • bites

There is many ways of tackling nits and I have all of them on this blog, as the best way is to use them all together!


For us this is a monthly job when our girls are in the bath just because of how smooth it makes the girls hairs anyway. But when you find 1 nit this becomes a daily job. For short hair you will find this the easiest root and likely only have to do once every other day, but with long hair this is an everyday job. Many parents don’t think about how the nits can stay in the hair because they have grabbed further down the hair strand. This means they will have a chance to get back in the hair, this is also the same for eggs, as the strand thins at the bottom. If you are doing this daily this means they are less likely to be able to grip onto the hair every time. But also every important that even though you are segmenting the hair to re go over the same point, don’t assume it is done. The way we do it is I have to go round the head 5 times with no nits coming out.

Just pull them!

When you are watching TV or just relaxing, pull them out.

Nit lotion

I don’t believe that this is as effective as conditioner and comb. Yet, I do always use this when they are first found on the hair, instead of conditioner. Also it may only say 15 minutes, but we have found it is best to leave in for at least 1 hour!

Even in high ponytail Jasmin’s hair is middle of her back

Check regularly

Whenever you are brushing your child’s hair check it for the sign of nits. Remember the quicker you find them the quicker you will be able to get rid of them. As they say it’s not always about the cure, but about the prevention!

Tea Tree products

We used to wash our girls hair with tea tree shampoo and conditioner, now we home educate they love it as they don’t smell like tea tree anymore. We then used to use a oil on the back of their necks to just give it an extra repellent.

Bella’s natural curls can be a nightmare to brush at the best of times!

Their is a few tips that can help your child not to catch nits.

  • Do not share someone else’s hair brush, I know for girls especially this is a hard one. But just make sure they have their own in their bag.
  • Try not to try on products in a shop! We’ve all done it a hat, mask, head scarf and so much more. If someone has worn this with nits they could be holding on to the fabric waiting for a nice warm head.
  • Do not share hats! One of the things I used to hate was the school would make Bella (who hates hats) wear a hat that had been on the head of another child! Yes, she would often come home after this with nits.
  • Cuddling, now every child needs a cuddle from a friend, sibling etc. But this is the easiest way for them to get nits.

Also don’t forget these

  • Wash bedding, until you know your child is nit free
  • Washing all headwear during this time
  • clean the bath out after every child

I hope this blog helps you, and hopefully your child is co-operative. Don’t forget to chat with your child and explain why it is important. Also it is neglectful to leave them for too long as these can aggravate your child’s head and possible cause infections. Don’t forget as well they are drinking your child’s blood so this could also make your child poorly if not dealt with as soon as possible.

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Things I wish I appreciated more!

As a parent sometimes life gets away from us, like in a couple of months we are going to have a 14 year old! In a day and age where photos are everything, I can’t help but look at what I’ve captured for Bella but not the other 2! These are my thoughts on things as parents we should enjoy more, and please don’t get offended. Most parents need to stop wishing away!

That moment a child passes you a toy, phone or in Bella’s case this evening pennies pretending it was popcorn! Receive it with joy and enjoy the moment that they are still able to imagine things and want to play with you. As that will one day be gone!

That moment that a sibling meets another and parents get to enjoy the family they made! Sadly we forget the effort it takes to keep a family together, so enjoy that first moment of them holding each other without the sibling arguments!

The moment between siblings that shows the true love they share. Sometimes as children grow up they relationships with the people around them grows apart! 1 of the things that I love since Bella has been born the amazing of amazing photos I have between our girls! This actually made it extremely hard to choose which ones I wanted to use for this blog!

Most parents I hear moan about sibling rivalry, oh I have done that too, then we forget the moments that they have loved each other! The moments of listening to them giggling from another room, the moments of walking into a bedroom and finding them sleepy together, the moments of one of them got hurt so the other is holding them. For us as well the moments that a sibling is going into hospital and the other sibling does not want to leave their side!

All these moments are just too precious, and so importantly remember!

The cousin love is just as important and can be just as nutty! Not just that this is a moment that older siblings can watch their own children building foundations for the future!

The mum what are you on about moment! Oh we have a lot of these in our home, as you know from our YouTube channel I’m random! So it didn’t take Bella long to mimic her dad and sisters with the “what you on about mum” look!

The first slice of cake moment, this needs no explanation!

The solitary moments where they need that 10 minutes to their self to be them! My girls are amazing at being ok on their own and will randomly actually go to be on their own, which I love as I don’t even like to be on my own and I’m 33! But often Jasmin will disappear to do her little art projects often ending in beautiful art for me, Jennifer (now a teen) will go and just chill in her room and Bella will play for hours in the garden or with her imagination!

The I did that moments, wow how many times do we hear “mum look at me”, “dad look what I did”! This sometimes gets repetitive and annoying, in this house no matter what we will try and be positive! Often resulting in Anth being told off, but I believe in every action a child can be proud of make sure they feel you are to. This will be extremely important for the future and will show them that no matter what there is something to be happy about!

The am I normal moments, as you can guess by our name we don’t have many of them! I’m scared to show a lot of them as my parenting is not exactly normal, allowing the girls to sleep with us, they have decisions in their education and much more! So some of our crazy moments are normal either, like the other day I tried to put ice down Anth’s top and ended up hitting my face on the floor. With Bella’s reaction being “mum are you laughing or crying”. I couldn’t talk as I was strangely in the middle of both!

Enjoying cooking together! No more need to be said picture says it all!

joining in a child’s imagination, I think I said a lot about this above. In our home imagination and random singing is everyday life!

Doing your child’s hair, yes there is the ouch and screaming moments. But think about mamma Mia and that moment it shows her doing her daughter’s hair for the last time. This makes me sob, as I love doing our girls hair, but their will be a day when they will no longer need me to do it for them! They will no longer ask me to plait their hair for the hours on end that they do, so it is extremely rare that I will reject doing their hair. Also their will always be a mummy hug in their whilst I’m doing it!

The I’m grown up moments, for some reason these moments don’t gradually jump it at us they are suddenly there. So I did Jasmin’s makeup and hair in these photos, but it wasn’t until looking at these after that an ache in the pit of my stomach made me realise how grown up she’d got!

Don’t get angry at the mini me moments. I always say remember how you felt when someone got angry at you! So when your child is mimicking your actions don’t punish them, change yourself! And to be honest sit back and laugh I often do, then turn to Anth and say “it’s you”!

Comment below your thoughts on anything you feel over missed or that I got right đŸ¥°

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Punting on the river Cam with Rutherford’s Punting Cambridge

When we were invited by Rutherford’s Punting Cambridge, I was extremely anxious and excited at the same time. Even though I had lived in Cambridgeshire my whole life I had never enjoyed 1 of our famous past times! For me this was because of my fear of water, but when the opportunity came we decided it would be a great opportunity to show our CrazyFam my home city and my fear of water.

We arrived late as the my phone took us completely the wrong way! But the lads were very welcoming and kind enough to take us out. When we got down to the pontoon, I could feel the nerves as Anth and the girls climbed in with no fear my heart pounded. I decided to sit on the edge and climb in! My shock at the fact it barely moved even under my weight was the first thing I noticed.

When we first got in I was sat next to Bella, shockingly I then moved. Matt, our host, was great as Jennifer really wanted to know the history as we went down the river. We relaxed listening to the facts of the colleges, learning things we’d never known before. Being very kind and reassuring of my fear, he showed and explained how the punt cannot tip as it has a flat bottom. Showing us the trading doors and explaining how punts were originally used to service them doors.

Jennifer found it a shock that punts have been used before the 1900’s for leisure. To her this was amazing that the people coming to Cambridge had enjoyed something so simple for over 100 years!

It was also great to see how all the punters were like a little community. As they chatted with each other and looked out for each other’s punts. There was bumps as the self punters could not control their punts as well! We had 3 bumps with these, yet we stayed calm and fully trusted Matt as he explained that they are not regulars at it. Also how he explained about the punts design, he even took a moment out for 1 of them to explain how to control the punt. This was great and showed how much they all cared for the river and the safety of everyone on it.

We then pulled up to the pontoon, I felt daft as I was ok but then I pushed it away slightly. So I ended up embarrassed by climbing out on all fours.

Please, pop over and give them a lot of love. Their prices start from £15, and I hope 1 day Anth and I could do their romantic tour.


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5 truths about home education!

People think home education is the easy route, but sadly it’s not. A lot of parents will say how they couldn’t be with their children. For home educating parents we are with our children 24/7, but I personally would not of have it any other way.

1. The house needs cleaning at least 5 times a day and still looks a mess at the end!

2. There is no space for me time, the way I do get alone time is by doing things like cleaning etc, click here to see my blog on alone time.

3. It can be weeks before you get to go out! (Check out our daily vlogs to see the fun)

4. People will judge you as a bad parent!

Our approach to homeschooling!

5. Some days you want to do loads and children are unmotivated and visa versa.

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Top 5 tips for children and chores

As we know it’s not easy to get our children to do chores. To be honest our girls only started once they were home educated.

1. Encourage children to tidy up behind their selves no matter where they are.

So if your children have got toys out at a friend’s house, encourage them to put back what they have played with.

If, your child has just had dinner encourage them to empty their plate into the bin and rinse it for easier cleaning.

2. Make their room their responsibility.

Their bedroom should become their responsibility, with help only if its uncontrollable. Tidy every day and clean 2ce a week. Show them how you would like to see the room everyday.

3. Give them a room in the house for them to be responsible for.

We set an hour a day for cleaning the house, this will include a room they are in charge of. This will be tidied every day but clean 2ce a week. Its amazing to see them so proud.

4. Ask them to assist with cooking.

Cooking is a massive skill they will need when they leave home. While you are cooking get them to help with little things like stirring. At Jennifer’s and Jasmin’s age they can cook under supervision.

5. Get them to look after their own laundry.

Soon Jennifer and Jasmin will have their own laundry baskets to do their own laundry. This is to teach them what they will need to do once they have left home.

Some will say children should not be doing these, but if they don’t how and when will they learn. We want our children to be able to understand how to be independent as they get older and this is the best way for them to learn.