How I manage working from home as a home educator!

One of the things that makes home educating hard is the financial pressure of not having a second income coming in. Most of us parents turn to running a blog or a business. As most will know that is what we are trying to do. Yet I know home educators like our friends Home educatingContinue reading “How I manage working from home as a home educator!”

Isle of Ely in Ely Cambridgeshire

We have eaten at this pub a couple of times. The last time was last summer with my grandfather and grandmother. We had been asked to for a meal with family and Jasmin choose there as she had fond memories. We have always had a great experiences with them, from the staff to the atmosphere,Continue reading “Isle of Ely in Ely Cambridgeshire”

Feeling guilty, for not being me!

So I’m extremely struggling just lately and I’m feeling so guilty for it! I’ve been called selfish, I’ve been told I’m wanting attention, not just that it’s due to my incorrect decision so it’s my own fault. The sad thing is these people talk about mental health often, sharing memes, putting up Facebook statuses. TryingContinue reading “Feeling guilty, for not being me!”

My experience of healing from within!

So if you all remember I did a podcast with Kathy Sanderson from healing within. Kathy and I became friends through Facebook and she had enough of seeing my grumpy statuses. She asked to give me one session to try and help my mental set. Even after agreeing my mindset was, this is not worthContinue reading “My experience of healing from within!”