Top tips to do physical education with homeschoolers

One of the things I often get asked is how do our home educated children get a physical education. Well before you read on, how do you as a grown up get exercise? One of the things homes education gives advantage of is children are allowed to be adults. So in our home our childrenContinue reading “Top tips to do physical education with homeschoolers”

How to improve your mental state of mind and stay on social media?

Well, I guess you know where we are going with this! But I feel this is an important subject especially with the way people don’t understand social media. As I live on social media some weeks spending as much as 60 hours plus on it! I feel that it is important to share my secretsContinue reading “How to improve your mental state of mind and stay on social media?”

Recycling old dolls as Halloween decorations!

As it’s Halloween and Jasmin is trying to learn about how to be more eco friendly with her homeschooling at the moment, I decided to add some fun! One of the best things about home education we can make our own curriculum. So what’s better than bringing the 2 together. As every year we getContinue reading “Recycling old dolls as Halloween decorations!”

Separation anxiety is not just for children!

As you can tell by the title, I’ve been looking deeply at myself just lately. To be honest since this started and I’m slowly changing things about myself, the happiness has been rising. After reading another blog, sadly I cannot remember who wrote this amazing blog. It made me look deeply at why our girlsContinue reading “Separation anxiety is not just for children!”