Why do we have so much food waste?

Today I have thrown away at least £25 worth of food! As I sit here worrying about paying our bills, sad thing is this food waste is actually avoidable. For me I’m always waiting for the knock from Social services. As I wait for this knock I over stock on food. So much more thanContinue reading “Why do we have so much food waste?”

How to get rid of nits/head lice?

Does your child struggle with nits / head lice?

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Cooking pancakes with Love at Home Education.

This was provided to us free to review! I love cooking as you all know, so it makes it amazing to find a curriculum that shares this enjoyment for us all to do together. If you saw my last post Cooking scrambled egg you would of seen that our girls are at different stages. EvenContinue reading “Cooking pancakes with Love at Home Education.”

Cooking scrambled eggs using Love at Home Education

I’m a big believer that everything we do can be counted as home education. Here in the UK we do not have to follow a curriculum. This makes these so much more fun, to see how great curriculums like Love at Home Education are. There are many different activities to do with Love at HomeContinue reading “Cooking scrambled eggs using Love at Home Education”

Top 10 Netflix shows for pre-teens and teens!

As we all know there is nothing better than binge watching Netflix! One of the things is finding things that are in that in between stage. By this I mean no naughty stuff! Pretty Little Liars I have to admit, this series had all of us girls sat enjoying it! It is based around 5Continue reading “Top 10 Netflix shows for pre-teens and teens!”