Top tips to get a child writing!

This is something I’m asked regularly, especially as Bella is not fully reading and writing and Jennifer has dyslexia. I trained back in 2002 for my certification in child care and education, yes that’s right I’m a trained Nursery nurse/ teacher assistant. Back than 1 of the main reasons I could never continue was dueContinue reading “Top tips to get a child writing!”

Our first year home educating

Well this has been a massive change this year, there has been ups and downs. Sadly towards the end more downs than up, but as a family we have worked through it and will continue to do so. This will be more about myself than our girls, who I will ask to do their ownContinue reading “Our first year home educating”

Card games to play with your children!

This post has Affiliate links* within it. If you follow us on YouTube, Facebook or anywhere else you will see we love playing games*. One of our favourite ways to play games is through cards. There are many different card games out there, so I’m going to explain our couple of our favourites. There willContinue reading “Card games to play with your children!”

What Advent calendars are there?

Are you looking for advent calendars for this Christmas season? These are some affiliate links* to show you what is available for you to enjoy during the Christmas season. One that I thought was great for grown up or children is legos* themed advent calendars. Not forgetting the original pop your own prize in isContinue reading “What Advent calendars are there?”

Boudoir shoot with Maya Swan Portraits

Well, I still cannot believe I did! Size 24, I hate my swollen jelly belly, but there are a few places I love! Seeing the model call for women to do a beautiful am I, episode with Maya. My initial thought was, I cannot do that, I’m too fat and have a very strange bodyContinue reading “Boudoir shoot with Maya Swan Portraits”