Feeling guilty, for not being me!

So I’m extremely struggling just lately and I’m feeling so guilty for it! I’ve been called selfish, I’ve been told I’m wanting attention, not just that it’s due to my incorrect decision so it’s my own fault. The sad thing is these people talk about mental health often, sharing memes, putting up Facebook statuses. Trying to stay positive, but I will send people a message, but sadly the responses are the ones above.

Now this isn’t going to have a “this is how you solve it”. Because to be honest I don’t! Still the feeling of guilt because our life really is very good, is overwhelming. To the point I often built myself up “why are you so selfish?”, “why did you do that, see their right you only want attention “. Yet in my heart I feel this is untrue.

So why do I sit here feeling guilty, why do I allow these words to hit me. Because apart of me knows I’m not doing enough. The knowledge that more could be done, knowing that not everyone will support me, knowing the most likely not to help are family. So then I think why do I allow their thoughts to always stop me!

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