How to start your own business?

First things first get off your but and just do it! Don’t worry about what others will think and have fun.

How to start your own business?

Before you start trading think about how you want it to be owned. Will you require investors or will you have a partner/s, or will you go at it alone. This will also decide how your business will be taxed. It will also be on how it’s run, so if you have a limited company you will be more an employee, but if sole trader the money is yours.

Most likely the most important part is finding a name that will stick in everyone’s mind. Also exactly what you will do, for example here at Crazy Carneys we do everything we enjoy. We inform people of the truth, we have our creative business and we have the agency and planners. They are all what we enjoy and as a family we run them together.

What is stopping you?

Now you have decided what you want to do it’s time to get you out there. You might think getting a website and social media, but before that you need to get some products made or make sure you have something to share. Then you can set up your internet presents as in this day and age this is one of the most important place to be.

You may have to give away a few freebies! Sadly people don’t often trust a company off the internet all the time. But to get customers and to get people talking about you, do freebies. This could be a competition or it could be a token to a friend for photos or a kind gesture for the return of a review. All of these have benefits on getting your business out there and trusted. But never forget the importance of word of mouth.

What words would you prefer?

Other than giving items or services away that can benefit your business, the rest should be at value to yourself. You will always have people believing you are too expensive and some even believing that you’re too cheap.

The next bit sounds simple but it’s not and it’s an area I really struggle in. Yes the woman that loves a chat and prefers to be liked struggles with networking. This is mainly because I don’t mind putting my opinion out there, but some people don’t like to hear it. Sadly in business you will find that there are people that you will not see eye to eye with, but it’s extremely important to stay honest and truthful to your brand.

Now build love and support each other!

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