How do teens feel about home education?

I’m not quite a teen yet, not until May 2020. But as my mum says I might as well be. I hear a lot of people say I should return to school, actually they often say as a teen I shouldn’t be doing a lot. Mum asked if I would do a couple of Essays for her to turn into this blog, as we often discuss, what is better school or home education, so here it is.

The first thing mum asked me was why do I like being homeschooled. For me it’s better as my mum helps me more. When I was at school, I would ask teachers for help and they would tell me in a moment. Sadly they normally would forget I asked for help. This also goes into the other question of would I ever return to school and that answer is an ensure no.

I enjoy that I get to pick what I learn. The other day I really wanted to learn World War 1 which was great and I learnt more than I did at school. At the moment Jennifer and I wanted to learn business, so mum has now allowed us to have our own jobs to do within the business.

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