Top tips to get a child writing!

This is something I’m asked regularly, especially as Bella is not fully reading and writing and Jennifer has dyslexia.

I trained back in 2002 for my certification in child care and education, yes that’s right I’m a trained Nursery nurse/ teacher assistant. Back than 1 of the main reasons I could never continue was due to the expectations that Ofsted had on children. Even having to remove a child from the room as they were not up to the standard the school wanted to show for the nursery. From this moment I always wanted to home educate, sadly I was made to feel not good enough. This is why my opinion now stands at go with your gut.

But during this time we were taught by an old fashioned teacher, which meant we learnt some amazing tricks for all children. This made me want to share them with you so then you can use them for your own children.

1. Good old fashioned read a book, this will get a child’s imagination going. Not just that it will get their interest in words peaked.

2. Watch a documentary with your child that they will enjoy and get them to take notes on facts they like.

3. Get them to copy from a book as they write their letters, they will learn the form. Also if it’s a book you read regularly they will start to learn the words and to associate them with the letters.

4. Get them to do a book review on their favourite book. Doesn’t matter how short or long but as long as they have fun.

5. Get them to write their own cooking recipe. Then don’t forget to cook it.

6. Get them to write their own story, this can be whatever they would like.

7. Writing letters to pen friends, these are a great way to make new friends and to encourage them to write.

8. Do writings on their experiences, this can be anything from bullying to a trip out.

9. Writing birthday cards and Christmas cards for friends and family. Taking photos provides any proof for the LA.

10. With our girls they run their own business so writing blogs, posts on Facebook and much more.

Hope you manage to get your child going. Thank you for reading.

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