Our first year home educating

Well this has been a massive change this year, there has been ups and downs. Sadly towards the end more downs than up, but as a family we have worked through it and will continue to do so. This will be more about myself than our girls, who I will ask to do their own feelings on how our first year has gone.

When I first removed Jennifer she did really well, but we have had a lot to cause school Jennifer to come back. This has shown me that Jennifer cannot cope with stress, yet amazingly I give her a good talking to and we find a way through it. One of the things that has made me a little sad is her ambition/get up and go is still no where to be seen. Yes I know they could be the fact she’s now a teen, just knowing how much she loved home education before makes me want my old Jennifer back. I should be happy to have just a tiny bit of her back really.

After Jennifer I removed the other 2 girls from school. At first it was amazing but as my savings run out it got harder and harder. But not hard as in teaching them it’s more the cost of doing trips etc, there is no funds to do this now. One of the reasons our girls have decided to carry on homeschooling by doing their own part of Crazy Carneys.

Jennifer and Jasmin Carney at Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England, UK

It has also made it harder for me to work, due to the girls always being here. To be honest they still need me to do a lot for them. I know, I’ve made it that way in some sense I find it easier. But towards the end of the year I’ve started to sit back. Only being there when they need me because something seems to be going wrong. This has started to show me how our girls are amazing, Jennifer cooked pancakes on her own from start to finish, Jasmin now uses the microwave and does so much on her own and has started to prepare food on her own. There is so many more positives to this, including the older ones now running their own baths, Bella now brushing her own teeth and not forgetting she started to no longer co sleep.

we have also had sad changes, my grandfather that brought me up passed away. Jennifer is extremely close to my nan and granddad, this sadly has taken a massive chunk of her at the moment. To be honest as the last few years weren’t very good between us all so have I due to guilt. At the moment this is what we are dealing with and as we have no school to worry about fortunately we can concentrate on our grief and ensure we say goodbye.

Bella Carney poorly but still doing learning

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