Card games to play with your children!

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If you follow us on YouTube, Facebook or anywhere else you will see we love playing games*. One of our favourite ways to play games is through cards. There are many different card games out there, so I’m going to explain our couple of our favourites. There will not be full rules of the games here, but if you do like the sound of them comment below and I will do a post on how to play that card game.

Go Fish!*

I don’t think there’s many houses that haven’t played this. But it is our favourite to play, also we find it a great way for Bella to look at numbers and make sure she recognises them. Also this game teaches our children to listen carefully to what the other person is requesting as they never know if they will pick that card out of the deck next or if they have asked from someone else in the group. This also helps their memory as they have to remember who they heard request for that card.

With many things in life we are taught the winner is the one to reach the finish line first. With Go Fish this is not the way to win. As you have to collect the most full same numbered set, so for example all the 8’s or all the 4’s. This means for a simple game of barely any rules apart from if you cannot be provided the card you have ask for off the player you have to collect from the deck. Or the simple rule of, if they request the card and you have more than one you have to give them all, this game has so many lessons with simple rules that most children can play. Well apart from the ones that don’t like to lose and we know who they are.

Amy and Bella Carney playing Go Fish


So Brag is a very old British games of cards and I love it!!! This game was what I grew up on, from being little I remember my mum and my aunties sat round the dining room table with their penny pots out putting the world to rights. There would be the rare argument, as with every family, but there would also be a lot of laughs and smiles. The children would be running around the house grabbing food, adults telling us to behave and most of all loads of fun. This game for me brings back so many treasured memories, didn’t matter how far we lived apart, or what family argument was going off, this game would bring us together.

This game is very similar to poker (yet, I cannot play poker) there is different levels for the order the cards can go in. The highest being a Prial which is the highest hand, this is 3 cards all of the same NUMBER not suite, so 3 queens or 2’s. The lowest is a high and this is any range of cards, regardless of suite or number. There are many different forms of brag, including chuck a card away to swap a card and you can play up to 15 cards, depending on the amount of players.


Does this game even need explaining, it has to be one of the first game any family plays and learns together. From using a deck of normal cards to the ones with the animals, to using the children’s own made cards. These are great fun for the family and teaches the children to be keep, ensure they are concentrating and to know what is the same. Again like go fish they have to wait to see who will be the winner.

Bella Carney playing cards with her mum.

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