How hard is being a working parent?

Well, this is one that I find hard to write! So what I am going to start by doing is give you a bit of background of Amy’s working life. No, not a CV as I don’t want any other job than the one I’m doing now, but insight into why I say being a working parent is harder than staying at home!! Yes, I hear the mums screaming at me down their phones, well hold on and let me explain.

I was brought up believing work was the only way, this put a lot of pressure on me to be the working mum everyone felt I should be. For the first 3 years of Jennifer’s life I was at home, but then the job centre sent me back to work, at first I felt liberated from my girls. Being only 22 and this being the first time that I felt I could go back to work, not realising the mistake I was making for the future of our children. This is not me saying it is ok to sit at home on benefits, but it’s me saying just be cautious.

Amy Carney and Jasmin Carney

I was lead to believe (and I still do) that I was the worse mum in the world. I didn’t take them out enough, we didn’t spend enough time as a family and much more. Well, I got a job offer and took it, wow I was finally good at something. What was thought of as depression actually was so much negativity in my ears, which started to lift. Look at me, leaving my children and not interacting with them as bringing work home was more important. Yes, my daughter was in new clothes, yes our girls have been there, no my children don’t really have a mum around. BUT FOR THE FIRST TIME I FELT GOOD AT SOMETHING.

Sadly the same people that pushed me into work because I wasn’t doing enough for our girls then started, well look she isn’t with her girls again. I then didn’t know if I was doing the right thing, so I gave up my business, this meant our children lost everything their pony, days out where we wouldn’t think about spending £300! But then they had the mum they should of had, to be honest they were just as happy as before. Then we slowly had debts start piling up as well, where we budgeted for the business income and not benefits, this meant we slowly went into depression of fear our stuff will be taken away. At the moment sadly we are still here, but I am a bit more relaxed as I now understand that is part of life.

Jennifer, Jasmin and Amy Carney at Hunstanton

Sadly, I listened and returned to work and did get rid of some of the debt at least, but again I was a part-time mum. With so much to do on top of my job, I would then have to come home clean, cook, do laundry, make sure the girls are ok, with mum guilt of the fact I may have only seen them for 30 minutes. But it’s ok throw a tenner at them and they will be happy.

Now your thinking “well hold on your working again”, yes I am but!!! This is the one thing I have learnt and manage to ensure I do. All my work is done around the girls, I no longer fit my girls around my work. This means they know they are my first priority, no matter what. Now I admit when I need help and that is where the lovely Nakisha come is. Who to be honest is a god send, the more I create the more I realised I need her!

I will be doing a post on how a VA can help your blogging business for you all. Cause to be honest it has mine, which means for me I can carry on with life and still work around it.

But this is key to be a working mum, PUT YOUR CHILDREN FIRST! They are only babies once and when they hit 18 they will still need you but up to then, be skint, be funny, be embarrassing, be ready for a hug, BE THERE!

Amy, Bella and Jasmin Carney in the car on snapchat

If you are looking for a at home job check out Nakisha’s second page.

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