Top tips to do physical education with homeschoolers

One of the things I often get asked is how do our home educated children get a physical education. Well before you read on, how do you as a grown up get exercise? One of the things homes education gives advantage of is children are allowed to be adults. So in our home our children are educated in ways they enjoy. This often includes doing work for crazy Carneys and choosing a topic of their choice.

Below you will see the list of ways you could provide a physical education.

1. Local gym: Sadly this is an expensive choice, but at the gym your child is less likely to be distracted.

2. Outside gym: Here in the UK we have a great resource which is an outside gym , this is great for children and adults to get fit in a cheap and fun way.

3. Wii: we love this one as a family, brings so much fun into our home. We have a mixture of games, but all of them mean we have to get moving!

4. Going on walks: this we have done rarely this year as we have been so busy with home.

5. Doing chores: another great way is simple old labour. Yes, getting the children to join in with all the chores we hate.

6. Dancing: if you follow our TikTok you’ll know some how we are always grooving.

7. Play park: let them have a couple of hours at the play park blowing off steam! This can be from being on the swing to playing lava monster

8. Clubs: such as gymnastics, football and any other type of sports. There is many different sports clubs.

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