How to improve your mental state of mind and stay on social media?

Well, I guess you know where we are going with this! But I feel this is an important subject especially with the way people don’t understand social media. As I live on social media some weeks spending as much as 60 hours plus on it! I feel that it is important to share my secrets of how I now have a better mental health, then actually ever did before!


So you’re likely thinking but if I unfollow the people will know, well your wrong! There is people that have been a bad influence on our lives, no matter who we are. These people are called toxic, I have sadly had my fair share of them. I now remove all the toxic people from my life, apparently it means I’m isolating myself. If, they tell you this, that is just to get you back. The one thing about toxic people is they are guilt trippers and guess what I used to be one! Yep, I would put up about how my life was so great then sad fish! These are not good for your mental health, as well as the ones that make their life look perfect but behind the scenes you know it’s falling apart.

Don’t read too much into that comment

One thing people forget is we have different ages, different races and people from different countries seeing our stuff on social media. As I expand my contact with people and get to know them, I realize how they write something that could be taken as extremely aggressive, yet it is meant so positive. On a daily basis’ I’m chatting with our VA Savvy VA Nakisha Blain, who is in America, then chatting with others in New Zealand and here in the UK! Each of them have their own way of saying things, which for me now I’m starting to understand. Yet we all speak English!

Where in Britain are you from?

Don’t think everyone is your friend!

One of the things social media opens up is loads of chance to be popular. For a lot of children, especially ones struggling at school or home, this is amazing. Sadly I see it a lot, the other day there was about 5 videos in a row on TikTok of a young girl crying and saying that she didn’t want to be here anymore. Yes, I’m one of them mums that see it and then let the other mum know. But this I have to be cautious of, because there’s a chance the problem is her parents. I do comment and say they need to go to an adult they can trust. This is sad fishing, which as I said before I’ve done, but I believe this is an important thing that parents need to talk to their children about. Jasmin on TikTok was following the trend of this, we had a chat and she admitted they get more clout. Anth and I joined forces in expressing why this isn’t a good way to get the attention. Because not everyone that is following you are going be your friend and there is the chance that the worse will happen. This could be they arrange to meet and you end up on the very wrong path, it could be a drug dealer that gives you something to help after seeing your post or it could even be someone that is worried about your safety and call in police etc.

Not liking, thumbs down etc

NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LOVE YOU! This is massive to remember, even if they follow you, subscribed etc, this is where the toxic people come into play again. They will try to make you feel like you’re not worth it, this will be in many different ways. From leaving a thumbs down, a negative comment from an unregistered account, or just following and not interacting. We all know these people, but unless you face that is life on social media, sadly you will go into a world of waiting for them to comment or like in a positive manner!

It’s not about the amount!

OK, so yes I go on about subscribers all the time, but that’s because I want to earn something, not because I care about that amount. I’d rather have someone watch and they realise their life is normal. But honestly we all need to try and earn a living and this is how I’m trying to earn ours!

Let me know in the comments about your ways of staying sane on social media!

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