Recycling old dolls as Halloween decorations!

As it’s Halloween and Jasmin is trying to learn about how to be more eco friendly with her homeschooling at the moment, I decided to add some fun! One of the best things about home education we can make our own curriculum. So what’s better than bringing the 2 together.

As every year we get loads of left over fake blood and face paints. So we put them to use, I asked Bella to get fools she didn’t play with anymore. She looked very confused about what we were going to do. As I got out the permanent marker and all the left over Halloween stuff, here’s and Jasmin’s face lite up!

You don’t need to create a plan of how they are going to go let the children have fun!

Jasmin getting creative

There are so many ways that things can be done to help keep costs down and also reuse things. But most of all use both of these in the education of your children. As we coloured in our dolls and made them look the part of a Halloween, we discussed the true meaning of Halloween and how it’s change. For our girls that only knew it as treat n treat, so to understand there are so many other beliefs.

I don’t know where the murderous acts come into the belief of Halloween, but the belief of vampires etc are there because it was originally the day of the day. For anyone that is pagan or a witchcraft practitioner Halloween’s known as old Hallow’s eve. It is the day that the dead are closest to the living.

Bella put the fact blood on the window

What you need for this project

  • Old dolls
  • Fake blood
  • Face paints or any type of paints
  • Permanent marker
  • And ready for fun

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