Why do we have so much food waste?

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Today I have thrown away at least £25 worth of food! As I sit here worrying about paying our bills, sad thing is this food waste* is actually avoidable.

For me I’m always waiting for the knock from Social services. As I wait for this knock I over stock on food. So much more than I need, meaning cucumbers, apples and much more are going into the bin.

But why does society and social services make us feel this way? Why does society feel that a house should have more food than it can handle? Why are we so afraid of not being the same as everyone else?

When I think of children that don’t even have a mouthful in this country and others! Here’s me wasting food because I’m afraid, here’s me getting in debt to satisfy people around me, that may never come to my door!

I can shop for £40 a week but just lately I’m afraid that people won’t understand. That if these people saw my cupboards they would call me a neglectful mother, the nursery rhyme old mother Hubbard going around in my head.

Then I will have a moment to call myself daft for pleasing people that would never do anything to please me. Calling myself ridiculous for thinking that all I have to do is one small change and I’m too scared of what is an invisible person at the moment.

So do you think your cupboards should be full all the time?

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