Cooking pancakes with Love at Home Education.

This was provided to us free to review!

I love cooking as you all know, so it makes it amazing to find a curriculum that shares this enjoyment for us all to do together. If you saw my last post Cooking scrambled egg you would of seen that our girls are at different stages.

Even though Jennifer is 14 I still supervise her when cooking. Yet she needs no help at all, she can easily do all the tasks mentioned on the fantastic guides provided. She does struggle slightly with the guides but this is more due to her Dyslexia and I do get the feeling her confidence! She will measure it all fine, but it’s when reading she asks me for reassurance of is that right. This is one thing I really like about this curriculum it gives them back the confidence they may have lost at school!

Pancake cooking in the pan

Jasmin apart from the cooking can do it all, Jasmin does need reassurance, but with the clear instructions she can get in to do it! Jasmin loves how their is many different recipes especially as she is a picky eater. This meant she could choose which one she felt suited her taste buds best. The only thing that confused her was how different the recipes were to here in the UK! As this curriculum is for America so the recipes are American, which gave a culture shock from the usual Yorkshire pudding batter.

Bella, just loves making a mess, well that’s what I’ve decided! As she poured her flour into the cup and it pouring over the floor. Her smile as she then makes foot prints with the flour on the floor, this is the thing with home education they can do them. She was so excited to eat them especially as she had been measuring out very different to the way we do uk ones.

British ingredients for our American pancakes

One of the most important things in home education is teaching them life skills and that is exactly what this curriculum does. As in the UK a lot of adults like myself never learnt to cook at home as our parents were always working, we can ensure our home educated children know how to do so. When we are the fun that is to be had, from flour on the face to just messing around.

Do you use a curriculum?

If you are interested in buying one here is the link for you to follow.

#ad this has been provided free.

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