Cooking scrambled eggs using Love at Home Education

I’m a big believer that everything we do can be counted as home education. Here in the UK we do not have to follow a curriculum. This makes these so much more fun, to see how great curriculums like Love at Home Education are. There are many different activities to do with Love at Home Education. There is a link below to take you to the cooking by level 1 curriculum.

It really supports looking at the different levels of how an activity can be set at. Anyone that follows our YouTube will know we love to cook, so being giving the chance to check out a curriculum that involves cooking, of course we said yes!

Family dinner cooked by home educated children

When we received the email to confirm our date I was so excited to see the food options! Also it made me realise how many foods I have not let our girls make and also how different their levels are! On some things our girls are at a level 5; which is cooking on their own. Apart from Bella who is level 1 just coming up to a level 2. So when choosing a recipe we wanted it to be something our girls had never done before.

The meals are set out in breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. I allowed the girls to choose what they wanted to make. They decided they wanted to make daddy scrambled egg on toast for his breakfast as he didn’t have breakfast in the week as he works so hard.

I gave them the recipe for them to work as a team. Jennifer measured out the ingredients, then past them to Bella to pour them in the bowl and Jasmin did the cooking. Laughing and helping each other make sure there was no egg shell within the scrambled egg. Asking each other to test it and taste if daddy will like it.

Yummy food

The recipe is set out extremely well for the girls to read and follow. Even with Jennifer having dyslexia she found it easy to follow. It’s done well with the ingredients in orange so clear they are not part of the instructions of how to cook. The cooking instructions are in bold black and numbered to show which order they go in. It even has pictures of what way it should be measured, poured etc.

Anth was very surprised at how yummy the food was. He was also very proud of them for cooking something different. It’s amazing what it teaches them from working as a team and each person has a job. It’s also teaching them maths with the measuring, as well as life skill of cooking. They also learn English and how to follow a recipe/ instructions. Not forgetting science different particles mixing together and what happens when we hear them up and cool them down.

To check out this amazing curriculum click on this link

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