Top 10 Netflix shows for pre-teens and teens!

As we all know there is nothing better than binge watching Netflix! One of the things is finding things that are in that in between stage. By this I mean no naughty stuff!

Pretty Little Liars

I have to admit, this series had all of us girls sat enjoying it! It is based around 5 friends and the leader Alison goes missing. Her 4 friends then start getting messages from A, who changed through out the seasons. Ali ends up being found but the story does not end there!

The chilling adventures of Sabrina

So I have teens but can remember Sabrina the teenage witch, well this is extremely different with similarities! So as in Sabrina her mum and father have died in a plane crash, I know the original their just away on business! The original Sabrina did not know she, but in the new one she knows. She is being brought up in the Church of the night, whilst trying to continue her mortal life. With lots of twist and turns for Sabrina to find out her life had been planned for her and she’s not who she thinks she is!

Fullers house

This is showing a big family as they stand by each other and support each other in many different events, including one of the sisters being a surrogate!

Stranger things

Well, what do I say! This is great, suspense magic and love! It starts with Mike going missing, he is found with the help of a mysterious young girl who has just appeared. But is he truly saved from the evil within the other world!


My girls love this, yet I’m not as keen! It’s a story of 3 girls and 3 boys and their life together as friends! How they go from growth and the struggles there was to get there!


This is the amazing English tale of a wizard that saves the crown and helps form the knights round table. But this story has an extremely sad ending, see if you can watch it without crying!

The Fresh Prince of Belair

Every 90’s kid remembers this one so really needs no explanation!

Shadow Hunters

This is binge worthy, as Clary and Jace’s relationship goes through a very rocky road. With Angels, demons and deaths along the way! Not forgetting how in the end one of the main stars loses everyone they love!


Nick is a detective living a normal life until his aunt shows up! Throughout the show he meets non human beings that can be either friend or possibly the next person to kill him or his family!


One of my favourite shows, I actually prefer it from the show it originated from! Claus is certainly on the continued path of self destruction, but does something stop him before it’s too late and bring his family back together!

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