Things I wish I appreciated more!

As a parent sometimes life gets away from us, like in a couple of months we are going to have a 14 year old! In a day and age where photos are everything, I can’t help but look at what I’ve captured for Bella but not the other 2! These are my thoughts on things as parents we should enjoy more, and please don’t get offended. Most parents need to stop wishing away!

That moment a child passes you a toy, phone or in Bella’s case this evening pennies pretending it was popcorn! Receive it with joy and enjoy the moment that they are still able to imagine things and want to play with you. As that will one day be gone!

That moment that a sibling meets another and parents get to enjoy the family they made! Sadly we forget the effort it takes to keep a family together, so enjoy that first moment of them holding each other without the sibling arguments!

The moment between siblings that shows the true love they share. Sometimes as children grow up they relationships with the people around them grows apart! 1 of the things that I love since Bella has been born the amazing of amazing photos I have between our girls! This actually made it extremely hard to choose which ones I wanted to use for this blog!

Most parents I hear moan about sibling rivalry, oh I have done that too, then we forget the moments that they have loved each other! The moments of listening to them giggling from another room, the moments of walking into a bedroom and finding them sleepy together, the moments of one of them got hurt so the other is holding them. For us as well the moments that a sibling is going into hospital and the other sibling does not want to leave their side!

All these moments are just too precious, and so importantly remember!

The cousin love is just as important and can be just as nutty! Not just that this is a moment that older siblings can watch their own children building foundations for the future!

The mum what are you on about moment! Oh we have a lot of these in our home, as you know from our YouTube channel I’m random! So it didn’t take Bella long to mimic her dad and sisters with the “what you on about mum” look!

The first slice of cake moment, this needs no explanation!

The solitary moments where they need that 10 minutes to their self to be them! My girls are amazing at being ok on their own and will randomly actually go to be on their own, which I love as I don’t even like to be on my own and I’m 33! But often Jasmin will disappear to do her little art projects often ending in beautiful art for me, Jennifer (now a teen) will go and just chill in her room and Bella will play for hours in the garden or with her imagination!

The I did that moments, wow how many times do we hear “mum look at me”, “dad look what I did”! This sometimes gets repetitive and annoying, in this house no matter what we will try and be positive! Often resulting in Anth being told off, but I believe in every action a child can be proud of make sure they feel you are to. This will be extremely important for the future and will show them that no matter what there is something to be happy about!

The am I normal moments, as you can guess by our name we don’t have many of them! I’m scared to show a lot of them as my parenting is not exactly normal, allowing the girls to sleep with us, they have decisions in their education and much more! So some of our crazy moments are normal either, like the other day I tried to put ice down Anth’s top and ended up hitting my face on the floor. With Bella’s reaction being “mum are you laughing or crying”. I couldn’t talk as I was strangely in the middle of both!

Enjoying cooking together! No more need to be said picture says it all!

joining in a child’s imagination, I think I said a lot about this above. In our home imagination and random singing is everyday life!

Doing your child’s hair, yes there is the ouch and screaming moments. But think about mamma Mia and that moment it shows her doing her daughter’s hair for the last time. This makes me sob, as I love doing our girls hair, but their will be a day when they will no longer need me to do it for them! They will no longer ask me to plait their hair for the hours on end that they do, so it is extremely rare that I will reject doing their hair. Also their will always be a mummy hug in their whilst I’m doing it!

The I’m grown up moments, for some reason these moments don’t gradually jump it at us they are suddenly there. So I did Jasmin’s makeup and hair in these photos, but it wasn’t until looking at these after that an ache in the pit of my stomach made me realise how grown up she’d got!

Don’t get angry at the mini me moments. I always say remember how you felt when someone got angry at you! So when your child is mimicking your actions don’t punish them, change yourself! And to be honest sit back and laugh I often do, then turn to Anth and say “it’s you”!

Comment below your thoughts on anything you feel over missed or that I got right 🥰

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