Punting on the river Cam with Rutherford’s Punting Cambridge

When we were invited by Rutherford’s Punting Cambridge, I was extremely anxious and excited at the same time. Even though I had lived in Cambridgeshire my whole life I had never enjoyed 1 of our famous past times! For me this was because of my fear of water, but when the opportunity came we decided it would be a great opportunity to show our CrazyFam my home city and my fear of water.

We arrived late as the my phone took us completely the wrong way! But the lads were very welcoming and kind enough to take us out. When we got down to the pontoon, I could feel the nerves as Anth and the girls climbed in with no fear my heart pounded. I decided to sit on the edge and climb in! My shock at the fact it barely moved even under my weight was the first thing I noticed.

When we first got in I was sat next to Bella, shockingly I then moved. Matt, our host, was great as Jennifer really wanted to know the history as we went down the river. We relaxed listening to the facts of the colleges, learning things we’d never known before. Being very kind and reassuring of my fear, he showed and explained how the punt cannot tip as it has a flat bottom. Showing us the trading doors and explaining how punts were originally used to service them doors.

Jennifer found it a shock that punts have been used before the 1900’s for leisure. To her this was amazing that the people coming to Cambridge had enjoyed something so simple for over 100 years!

It was also great to see how all the punters were like a little community. As they chatted with each other and looked out for each other’s punts. There was bumps as the self punters could not control their punts as well! We had 3 bumps with these, yet we stayed calm and fully trusted Matt as he explained that they are not regulars at it. Also how he explained about the punts design, he even took a moment out for 1 of them to explain how to control the punt. This was great and showed how much they all cared for the river and the safety of everyone on it.

We then pulled up to the pontoon, I felt daft as I was ok but then I pushed it away slightly. So I ended up embarrassed by climbing out on all fours.

Please, pop over and give them a lot of love. Their prices start from £15, and I hope 1 day Anth and I could do their romantic tour.




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