Top 8 must haves for home educating!

For home educating people think you need so much, actually you don’t. Especially if like us we do it very in between school and unschooling. These are my top 10 things that I couldn’t live without, while home educating our girls


To keep track of all the paper work that the children do paper is essential. This is also important for their creative skills.


Obviously to do the work on paper you will need pens and pencils. These are fab, for you to colour away.


Here are normal pencils that are great if they want to correct their work easily.

Colouring pencils

Nothing more relaxing than colouring in pencil!

Work books

There will be days that you will feel like not doing much so having work books helps with this.

Board games

Great for days to relax as a family, but still get some education in. Board games can be such a great help for this!


There is 2 different folder ways to keep the paperwork, the expanding folder click on folders to see these. These I use more for home administration that the girls school work. The other is the pictured ring folders, which are great for the children to look after themselves.

Plastic wallets

If you have the ring folders, you will need these to keep some items in it, get your plastic wallets today.

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