Top tips for keeping children cool!

As we know in the UK we are only just starting to adjust, these are some of our top tips. I have put links to some great items that you may like to get.

1. Swimming pool

Is there any other better way to cool yourself off than in your own paddling pool or even a big pool!

2. Ice pops

Nothing better than ice pops to cool you down. If like our home at the moment you are going through a lot click here for refill ones.

3. Ice packs

Want to keep cool pop ice packs in your bed at least an hour before. Click here to buy yours today.

4. Fans

The one most jump to is a fan, which often sell out everywhere.

5. Plenty of water

Drink as much water as you can, this will also replace the water you have sweated. If you don’t have water then juice will do!

6. Try to stay in the shade.

Especially during the hours of 12 and 3pm, during these times the sun is at its hottest.

There is other tips from our friends abroad like keep the curtains closed during the day but open at night, this also goes for the windows.

For children this can be very hard, they will struggle to explain what is wrong with them. For very young babies boil some water and put in fridge every now and then dip their dummy in. If they don’t have a dummy get a cold cloth and rub it over your baby. To be honest the cloth even works for adults. Be careful though as babies struggle to control their temperature so don’t cook them down too much.

If you have any tips comment them below.

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