Free activities for children

I’ve been looking into as many activities as I can for the school holidays. Some are my own, which I use for our girls and their education at home. Some other bloggers have been kind enough to let me link their ideas here.

1. Cooking

This is important for children to know how to live in the future. Not just that it teaches them English, maths, science and how to follow instructions.

2. Junk modelling

Suggested by Victoria at Travel Vixta, which is a great way to have fun with un recyclable waste. All you need is pens, felt tips or paints, not forgetting glue or sellotape. Then your little one can make a beautiful model for you.

3. Slime

Every child loves slime, the ingredients are easy to get hold of and it’s so much fun to play with something you have made.

4. Scrap booking

From Lynsey who runs mummy that’s me has a great blog that has this activity. Keeping a record of what the get up to over the summer. This can be either drawings or writing or even pressed flower that took their interest. Not forgetting the photos of the wonderful days.

5. Water fight

Of course nothing says summer unlike a water fight.

6. Treasure hunt

Rachel from Marvellous Mrs P suggested this for country walks. But it’s fantastic for around the house or in the garden, it could keep the kiddies busy for hours.

7. Ballon wars

Something again so simple but so much fun to try and keep the balloon in the air.

8. Picnic

From farmers wife and mummy, Emma we have this great suggestion. Even though she suggests in an open area, this can be done in your front room or back garden.


This is one of Bella’s favourite things, their is away to make your own. But we often go through a lot because Bella loves to mix it and make wonderful things from it.

If you would like to make your own play dough check out this blog from Emma Reed on how to make it.

10. Newspaper dress up

This is something I’ve never thought of before but looks brilliant from Leta at attachment mummy. It’s making dress up clothes from newspapers.

11. Clap songs

We all did this at school and we can teach our children the rhymes we knew as children. For them to now share and enjoy.

12. Drawing

One of the most simple but wonderful ways of enjoying things with your children is to sit and draw. This one was suggested by Yvette from uplifting and inspiring content.

13. Noughts and crosses

How about a bit of nature craft from Catherine at Growing Family. Who doesn’t love a game of noughts and crosses, not forgetting the fun of getting everything to make your own board.

14. Shaving foam art

This is one from Cerys who blogs over at rainy day mum. I always forget how much fun shaving foam can be. Few drops of food colouring or paint and it’s slushy fun.

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