Why 6 week holidays are not a good thing!

Most of you that have started to follow our blog in the last few months could possibly be confused now. Yes we are now home educators, but we weren’t always. This meant we had to deal with the 6 weeks aftermath as well. There are many reasons that 6 week holidays are not a good thing, but I’m going to talk from our experience.

For us as a working class family was all the questions about what did you do? We can only just afford a holiday now let alone when we had term time to manage with. We would do days out but they would never be as good as the other ones within the school. Especially with Jasmin and Bella they would ask why can’t we do that, why can’t we go there? With every question my heart would break. Knowing that I will never afford these type of things for my girls.

Then there would be Jennifer, with her severe dyslexia retaining information was a struggle. After a couple of weeks she would get it back, but for her this was a very difficult and struggling time. Watching her go through it was hard. Her anxiety would go through the roof. By year 8 this had got too much for her and the school were more concerned for their selves then her.

Personally I love having our girls around all the time and actually find it very difficult to hear when parents don’t. This steams from many different reasons, 1 of them being how much I used to work.

I think 1 of the reasons parents don’t look forward to the 6 weeks is they find it hard to keep children entertained. But there is so many different ways and that will be on another blog.

Don’t forget to comment and let me know your thoughts on 6 week holidays.

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