A Night Zookeeper Review

We were asked to review a Night Zookeeper, and I have to say we loved it. As well as the fun packed book that Jasmin is reading again there is also the website as shown below.

When we first arrived onto the page there was a video to watch, it turned out to be a theme song. All of us enjoyed this very much, it was extremely catchy and also gave us an idea of what the book, as well as site was about. Then Bella was pointed to which button it would like her to click first.

As she clicked on the blue button we chatted about what we were expecting. She expected the boring stuff like choosing random words, which to be honest I did as well. Then all of a sudden there was a uniform with no face, this made Bella giggle. I read to her that she now needs to draw in what she feels she looks like.

Once she finished we found the extremely obvious save button, which is amazing as Bella struggles with reading. Thanks to this programme she now knows how to spell save. This for us is a massive deal as she doesn’t pick up on remembering how to spell words easily.

Then clicking onto the next area we found that bella had to draw a animal that was hiding in the woods. She loved making her own animal and naming it, she then wrote her own little story to it. She giggled as she typed silly answers, “Mummy, how do you spell this?” For me a mum of a child that refuses to write or type this was a complete delight. “Look what I said mummy” not managing to hold the giggles.

With hearing Bella giggle so much Jasmin could not wait for her turn. She also got the chance to draw herself and she did in a very strange way, this was when the giggles started and she couldn’t stop. Then as she drew her animal so seriously with every loving line. She began to type in her story and share with me her ideas which were funny and exciting. At times struggling to know where to take her story next so we spoke about using her imagination and having fun.

Then her goals come up and she said to me straight away, I’ve not hit any of them. Jasmin is a people pleaser and loves to keep everyone around her. One of the things she found hard at school was when she wasn’t hitting her targets. This would make her in adequate to others in her class.

As I reassured her she doesn’t know that yet she clicked on continue. Her face lite up as she saw that she had hit 2 goals without even realising. This was the moment I realised what a great programme this was, they gave you goals without the pressure. It is more about the children having fun; which is the best way for any child to learn.

If you would be interested in signing up for Night Zookeeper click the link below and use lovewriting for 30% discount for just our readers.


Don’t forget to enjoy your book as well and the creative writing all round.


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