How home educated children are treated different to public school children?

Since home educating our girls and deciding they will not be returning to school, I have noticed how they are discriminated against. Yes, I used the term discriminate, because sadly they are. This is when we go out and about, or even family and friends.

The first way is people believe as a parent we are incapable of teaching our own children. People believe (thanks to the government) that the only people with the knowledge to educate them is people they have trained. Well this is not true, as every child learns different, it’s extremely ignorant of the government to assume every child is the same. Sadly this means thousands of children that are not coping or managing in schools. 2 of my children are these, one has been tested whilst attending school, and has severe dyslexia. Yet the school could not help her due to the fact the way the government set out guidelines to say where the school should be.

So why when in school and I was fighting for her did no one question her and why she was failing. Why did no one care if her test results were bad, well apart from OFsted? Why did no one think of randomly asking her to spell things? But now she’s home educated it is ok for you to question this, it is ok for you to assume she lays in bed and does nothing. Because she has her phone in her hand she is not learning how to read!

Why she was at school being anti social just made her the weird kid? It didn’t matter to you that she was forced to read in front of the class, didn’t matter that she had to sit next to a stranger! Now she’s home schooled you ask her how much reading she has done, if she has made any new friends! What has she done that day, what has she eaten, what has she read?

The question of our home educated children just does not stop. Was she ok with being removed from school, was that what she wanted! Does she want to go back to school, why doesn’t she want to go back to school? Yet, when she was at school and struggling they never asked, do you want to be in school? Are you ok reading that, do you not want to sit next to that stranger? They didn’t ask, did you sit with your friends today, what did you have for lunch?

Can you now fight that the way they treat an home educated child isn’t discrimination? If I walked up to a person of any other race or religion and asked, why are you this way? My behaviour would be questioned and straight away branded as racist or discriminatory, so why don’t you see they are doing this to our home educated children.


So next time you bump into a home educated child, praise the mum for doing a job you wouldn’t do!

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