What we think of Gatorade?!

So we were extremely spoilt to receive 12 bottles of Gatorade with a towel and water bottle.

When we were asked to do it my first thought was “but this isn’t available in the UK only USA”. Well I was wrong, if you follow this link you will be able to enjoy these for yourself.


We had 4 different flavours, each was lovely and energising. As we know Jasmin does gymnastics, these are great for this and it provides the much needed energy!

The sports bottle is also perfect for this as well, with its non-leak you can just squeeze to get some out. Then continue with whatever fitness you are doing.

The flavours are not over powering and very delicious. Our favourite is the blue, it has a similar taste to Powerade, but we did prefer the Gatorade as it didn’t taste as sugary. Which is great when you are trying to loose weight, but need a pick me up whilst exercising.

We also had a towel in the box that Bella fell in love with. She loves that it actually fits round her and makes her feel like grown up. I don’t have the heart to inform her the towel is actually for wiping sweat whilst working out. The design on it is great, as the colours orange black are fantastic for showing the brand. The towel does not feel rough, which is great.

The bottle design for the drink is similar to any other sports drink, until you go to drink it. As soon as you hold the bottle you can feel that the plastic is softer and thinner. This is great for recycling and for the amount of plastic being produced, which means they are eco friendly.

Yet the labelling can at points be hard to read, as the label is silver/grey and some of the writing is white/grey. As a mum I like to check all the ingredients, especially as we have a child with nut allergies. All ingredients are easy to read and find.

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