Top 5 tips for children and chores

As we know it’s not easy to get our children to do chores. To be honest our girls only started once they were home educated.

1. Encourage children to tidy up behind their selves no matter where they are.

So if your children have got toys out at a friend’s house, encourage them to put back what they have played with.

If, your child has just had dinner encourage them to empty their plate into the bin and rinse it for easier cleaning.

2. Make their room their responsibility.

Their bedroom should become their responsibility, with help only if its uncontrollable. Tidy every day and clean 2ce a week. Show them how you would like to see the room everyday.

3. Give them a room in the house for them to be responsible for.

We set an hour a day for cleaning the house, this will include a room they are in charge of. This will be tidied every day but clean 2ce a week. Its amazing to see them so proud.

4. Ask them to assist with cooking.

Cooking is a massive skill they will need when they leave home. While you are cooking get them to help with little things like stirring. At Jennifer’s and Jasmin’s age they can cook under supervision.

5. Get them to look after their own laundry.

Soon Jennifer and Jasmin will have their own laundry baskets to do their own laundry. This is to teach them what they will need to do once they have left home.

Some will say children should not be doing these, but if they don’t how and when will they learn. We want our children to be able to understand how to be independent as they get older and this is the best way for them to learn.

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