Gallbladder stones worse than labour!

As I right this I’m sat here in pain, actually looking forward to having my operation to remove my gallbladder. Even though I’m worried about the operation and how there could be complications. Especially as I’m overweight, but I’m trying to lose some asap!

These are symptoms of gallstones:

  • Ingestion – very gassy and at time acid in throat.
  • Diarrhoea
  • Pain in back
  • Pain in the right hand lower rib cage.
  • Feeling of something rubbing against your ribs like a baby’s foot.
  • Vomiting/feeling sick

The worst part is the pain, I never thought I could feel pain worse than labour. During this sleeping and relaxing is impossible. Sadly at times this can hospitalise me, to the point I have had to stay up to a week in hospital.

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