10 Points for easier homeschooling / unschooling

These are my points for easier homeschooling/unschooling.

1. Allow children to choose

I have found by the girls expressing their opinion on what they would like to learn helps so much. This could be a list or swap as they likes and dislikes change. As it is apart of their interest at the time they will be more interested in learning.

2. Understand what your children enjoy.

When I first started homeschooling, I looked forward to teaching our girls what I enjoyed to learn. In time I realised that teaching them what they enjoy was easier. This could be getting them to write a story the way they enjoy or learning through play.

3. Keep things organised!

When I say organised I don’t mean knowing what you mean every moment of the day. By this I mean making sure that educational items are always avaliable. This can be done with the use of Book shelves, tubs and much more.

4. Go with the flow

If you follow our YouTube channel I literally follow my girls lead. For some this can be very hard and extremely difficult. Especially if you have a child like Jennifer, who asks random and confusing questions. Because I want them to understand it there and then I try and answer everything. This means a lot of googling during lessons.

5. Admit when wrong

Recently whilst filming a video for our YouTube channel I got in a muddle about carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. I admitted this to our girls, but this is important as it shows we are not always correct and the best way to deal with this is by rectifying the information I have provided to them.

6. Understand there is different ways to learn!

Easy way to explain this is all my girls learn different! Could be asking questions, reading it or through play they all learn different.

7. Don’t be afraid of technology

Technology is my best friend, if I need 10 minutes or need to learn something quickly I always to my phone etc. As long as you are tracking what your children are doing it can be their best friend as well!

8. Promote self learning

Encourage your children to read a book on their own pr with siblings. Also to encourage them to work through something without too much of your in put, but always be there to answer questions.

9. Find out about free activities in your area.

10. Arrange social meets at the park

This one is great for 2 reasons, mums and dads get to meet and learn new things from each other. But more than that our children are running around loosing energy.

Written by Amy Carney

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