Henry Hoover has come home!

Hi CrazyFam,

As you may know we has a flood recently which has left a lot of our items damaged. This included our vax blade, which to be honest wasn’t really good enough for our home.

The Vax blade is fantastic if you need something light weight, but if you have long hair ensure you regularly clean the bar. Also the bin that collects the dust fills up fast and means the filters regularly need changing or cleaning.

During the flood the electronic head ended up getting water in and was no longer usable. Anth and I discusses vacuum cleaners but only 1 could do. This was the Henry wet and dry, even though this was a bagged we could get over that with how well it worked.

As we unpacked our new vacuum it came with so many useful parts. I was very surprised to also see how the poles were high enough. They used to be low which meant cleaning with a bent back. This would mean my back would ache not long after using, but now it’s perfect with no bad back.

Then I noticed the suction and couldn’t get over how perfect it was. I could not push the head forward, only being able to pull it back. I worried this would not clean my carpet, but it was immaculate. This was the cleanest my carpet cleaned in a long time.

Just shows that sometimes sticking to what we know is the best!

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