How to deal with social services?

So, we have not been shy with sharing our social services story. Check here for our YouTube vlog on our story. I feel it’s important that not everyone is afraid of social services. Sadly there is occasions that I know of children either in foster care or close to being in foster care. This includes ourselves being told that if we do not change things this could be a possibility.

One of the most important things is stay calm, even myself finds someone quick to explode is either hiding something or not managing. When we were accused of harming our children by people, because we were doing as social services requested of us. We remained calm, even though inside we felt betrayed and angered. We explained some of the stories but could not understand others, this for us, showed social services people were deflecting the issues.

This brings me onto my next point, always be as truthful as you can. As we could explain every point that they had put to us, this showed we have nothing to hide.

My next point would be, ensure contact with them is kept. If they arrange a meeting be there. Always be early, this shows no matter what else is going on in your life your children are your highest priority. Which I’m sadly going to have to say this if these meetings aren’t important enough to be at the top of your list then sadly your children are not your highest priority.

This is a point that might seem strange to most, is talk with all professionals looking after your children. This may be a health visitor, doctor, teacher or even a group leader. These will be able to show that you are working with everyone to keep your children safe and ensuring their happiness is top goal. If you are not happy with their help then request a new professional, this is your human right to change who is in charge of your’s or your children’s care.

As you know we now homeschool and you may question what does social services have to say about that. As we have done this in the best interest of our children and our family they are happy with our choice. Also homeschooling isn’t social services dermain, which strangely enough some departments of social services do forget that.

Written by Amy Carney

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