Councils trying to take control.

One of the things every homeschooling parent loves is that we are not told how and what we can teach our children. Well the children’s commissioner is trying to change this, just as the book 1984 suggests, the UK will be a nanny state. This book is shockingly accurate to some of the things that have been happening just lately.

Back to business, the children’s commissioner us advising that councils have more control due to safeguarding concerns. This to me is actually understandable, with the understanding of some of the abuse that can be done when a is at school, imagine if they were kept behind closed doors at all times. So signing a register, which we already have and having someone pop in to see the girls are ok 1ce a year is understandable.

But then there raises some questions for me, what if the person who only meets our children 1ce a year thinks they knows them better than us. What if they decide to force our children back to school. This for our girls is a no no, they love having the freedom of learning what they enjoy.

Because the LA only understand the curriculum, what if they do look at this free minded. There is so many what if’s it’s horrible, I watch as people are served a SAO and this worries me. As it would take my parenting out of our hands. Then it makes me questioning are we truly in charge of our children?

Lets just hope that one day a homeschooler becomes an mp and shows them just how amazing it is. For now we will keep speculating and spectating to see how the council’s continue to use the advice that the children’s commissioner has advised them to do. Thing is it’s like the bible, they read it and interpret it to their own beliefs.

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One thought on “Councils trying to take control.

  1. I’m in Canada. But I know an Ontario homeschool family that has two kids that have worked in the provincial government. We have to be proactive advocates, vocal about our lifestyle, to sustain it.


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