What is positive about homeschooling/home education in the UK?

When people think about homeschooling they often straight away mention all the negatives. There is really not many negatives. In our home we really enjoy homeschooling and it suits us all.

1. Trips out

We love going out on trips, when we go to a play ground or a museum. These can be a lot lower priced without the costs of school holiday costs, especially places like theme parks etc. Also there isn’t as many people around so we can concentrate on each item.

2. Appointments

We don’t have to arrange appointments around school. This means we are not punished or made to feel bad, that they have not attended school.

3. Attendance threats

There is no longer any letters threatening that we’re likely to get fined if their attendance doesn’t go back up. Even when school protocol means they are meant to be off for 48 hours. This means our girls can recover from an illness without feeling forced to return to school, for it only to be spread to other children.

4. Holidays

We are hoping to afford more holidays as the difference between non term time and term time is disgusting. One caravan we looked at was £500 more with a week’s different.

5. Freedom

We are given the freedom to teach our children what we feel they need. This can also be great for individuals beliefs. We believe our daughters should be open minded but we found school was teaching them that only one way is correct. If you follow our YouTube you will see our conversations about the world can be very strange and extremely open to any theory.

6. Family time

We get loads of it apart from with Anth. This is why I’m trying hard go grow our blog and YouTube channel in the hope one day he will join us for all the fun.

7. Mental health

The girls are not forced to learn anything they do not wish. Also there is no tests to place extra stress. Also the per pressure of children doing things that at a young age they should not be.

8. Socialise

They get to socialise when and how they want. I love that there is no more falling out with friends nasty comments and fights. They choose who they would like to see and when. Often talking on the phone or having sleep overs.

9. Siblings

We are finding they are becoming closer as siblings. With a rare fight they actually enjoy each other’s company, including doing work together. Often I will hear them giggling and chatting away as they play dolls or on the computer together.

10. School refusal

We no longer have any screaming in the morning. This is blissful as the girls emerge from their beds welcome to stay in their pj’s or mummy’s preferred for them to get dressed. With no rush to get out the door.

2 thoughts on “What is positive about homeschooling/home education in the UK?

  1. Attending home ed communities meet up for social and ed meets/activities,
    Your children , can thrive learning subjects they more passionate about, that will advance them in the real world they already living, compared to school attendance children,
    Yes they are more likely to get jobs and have better social networking locally and nationally , from face to face meets via home ed and school attending children. ( compared to school children who social and living in real world skills will be far more limited ).
    Home ed children more likely follow thoer dream job and be more advanced in the real world compared to school registered children
    I yet to find a child who even involved/charged with criminal activities, compared to school attending children , this can be
    TWOC , abuse, theft , underage smoking ( buying using , )illegal drugs , dealing or consuming , underage drinking in clubs,(to do this they have to commit I’d fraud aka fake I’d to get in too )
    So home ed also sterstile, sensibility, reduces peer pressure from others to do criminal offences such , but not limited to those listed above. Children are happier in genral , less likely to bully or be bullied , also well educated and prepared for life within its community,
    Home ed children are also much safer home ed, then in school attendance,
    Coz children who are abused (inc bullied )in/out of school attence , by teachers other kids or at home ) are often ignored coz they go to school ,
    When you home ed , all eyes are on you and your family , not coz your bad, just coz of stereotyping out there. Not coz your abusing , but for filling your legal duty as a parent to ensure a suitable education and not scrounging of the state for a free ed, coz they forfil thoer legal duty
    For nothing more then coz you as a parent are just home ed. After all the alw states, it’s the legal duty to ensure a suitable education and school is not compulsory.

    I get haters will question my typo etc , get despite my multiple SENDs inc dyslexia, that was never diagnosed, when I was home eddimg my dd,
    My dd grown up , choice to not do gcse ,
    Offered work all the time, working for 1 of the biggest companies in the country in admin of all places , and ppl keep trying to hire her, so I know home ed works and she outstanding young lady , big heart , well socialised and works darn hard , and offered work ,
    So I proud of the hom ed we provided

    All her home ed friend apart from 1 , is going extremely well , following thier dreams and either in work or education still ( some are both )
    It works
    Now I run a small business myself


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