Painful memories

I’m sure anyone reading this has painful memories. What they may find like myself, it’s the happiest ones that hurt the most. Yet some people just don’t understand how happy memories can hurt, let me explain.

For whatever reasons our memories start from about 3 years old, yet most still aren’t sure which period of their lives their memories come from. At this time it’s usually small things, for myself I remember my aunt and my mum stood in the kitchen laughing at us kids. Sadly from that time I also have bad memories of which my husband and old counsellor have helped me through.

One of my happiest memories of this time was of my mum, she used to put me to bed by singing the grand old duke of York. This becomes painful because by the age of 6 I was no longer living with my mum.

As I have grown up I have so many memories I wish I could just drag into the bin. Sadly I’m not a computer so they are there to cause me the pain of how someone who I once cared for turned their back on me. There is a lot of these, if you follow our journey on YouTube I’m sure you have seen this mentioned.

When I talk to people it’s easier to talk about the bad than the happy, as it’s the happy that bring me the most pain. But then if I hadn’t experienced these and I wouldn’t understand that it’s the small things that are key. The problem is too many people look over these because they are too busy looking at everyone else’s lives.

Ok so I now need to continue cleaning up the mess of another bad memory of our house being flooded!

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