Ely for kids

If you have come for a truly positive, and lies of how perfect Ely is to bring up children click off now!

We moved to Ely nearly 3 years ago, we heard such wonderful things and remember it from when our children where little. Originally moving out of the area back in 2007, which doesn’t seem that long ago, but that is nearly 12 years ago. Since then we have lived along the North East coast, South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge. These places were amazing for children, loads for them to do, free or not free.

Even though the walks around this area are amazing, for Teens they don’t really want to do this. So lets find things that the teens would like to do, possible go to a park. Oh hold on they removed the teen spider web and changed it with more toddlers toys at Pocket Park. Ok so where do the teens who don’t want to skate go? As there is a great skating parks at Paradise and St Johns, but unless you are fully into skating these can get boring quick. Now that explains some of the bad behaviours I have sadly witnessed first hand.

So they have built a fantastic gym area at St Johns which my girls do like and cannot wait for the warmer weather to enjoy it further. But what about the bad weather, the pool is extremely boring, they do now have the floats out on a Saturday. Too be honest no where in Cambridgeshire has a great pool, the closest fun pool is at Centre Parks in Newmarket, but we have to be staying there to use it. This is where Bedfordshire’s amazing paradise pool comes in, where we used to go even as kids our selves.

Well we do have a brilliant cinema, oh but wait we are a family that can only just afford our bills. So the random treat of a cinema visit is a massive no no. I think it has been nearly 4 years since we have been! At nearly £15 per person, once you have done with the tickets and then brought treats for everyone. Being a family of 5 it does cost us over £70 for 1 visit, now we won’t even get started with the after meal!

Yet since our struggles I have met some lovely people. Like the day I couldn’t afford chocolate for Bella and a lady brought her a fudge bar. It was something small but it meant so much to my little girl and myself. The days I struggled to get Bella to school and another mum was kind enough to help with giving Bella loads of bows. These are the small things that have made it worth it to us!

Let us know how you find living in Ely!

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