Council/ housing association myths that are not true!

As a housing association tenant I get so many people judge us on just this fact. Yet they do not know the truth.

1. All repairs are done

This one is rubbish, to be honest our home is falling apart. Sadly this is a common thing as a lot of the councils / housing associations will say it’s not in their budget! The worst thing they will try and get away with sorting is mould, they will cover it up in the most cost effective way.

2. We are all on full benefits

Again not true, yes a lot do get benefits to help make it just to the breadline but we don’t get help with rent or council tax.

3. We all sit in the street swearing and smoking.

Yes I swear but no I don’t smoke. Also there is no way I’m sitting in the street chatting etc all day I have things to do. Sadly it’s not like it’s shown on benefits street, we don’t all have that time on our hands. As a lot of us wish to leave these homes to buy our own one day. But there sadly is rare areas that are like this.

4. They are settled for life

For some this is still true, but for a lot this is not. There is no longer a life tenancy and a lot of people are now forced to downsize once’s their family starts moving out. I actually agree with this, as why does a couple need to stay in a 3 bed house once their children leave. Most do it because that is their home, sadly it’s not, these belong to the housing association or council. Imagine the family up the road with 4 children squeezed into a 2 bed house, whilst they are rattling around in a 3 bed just waiting for family to do their rare stay.

5. All council tenants are known to the police

For myself, I haven’t even ever been arrested, so no we are not all trouble makers with criminal records. But that’s not to say some aren’t. Yet there is a lot of people living in private rented and own their own homes that have a bigger criminal record than most.

I’m going to leave it there comment below what myths you can think of that are not true!

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