Aldi’s educational products!

As we all know Aldi has some of the best bargains around! When they got educational products with in their store, for a homeschooling mum that was exciting. But did they live up to the more expensive products?

So the first of the products we used was Bella’s easy Maths! This was fantastic, worded brilliantly so she understood what she needed to do, with no further explanation. With a child that often needs telling 2 or 3 times this was a time saver and made learning more fun and relaxing.

Jasmin and Jennifer’s was a science one, which Jasmin has extremely enjoyed. She has never really enjoyed science but with the fun activities to do and again worded so she can understand it easily.

The only thing we found is the skeleton was very flimsy and hard to put the ribs on properly. But to say out of all the things it has to offer, that is not bad to only found 1 thing negative.

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